What is an audit and why should you care?

What is an audit and why should you care?

Learn how to best prepare for a financial audit

What is the main objective of a financial audit?

The main concept of a financial audit is to verify records and make sure they are accurate. It can be pretty overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but don’t worry-we’re here to help you understand! When a company performs audits on themselves, it also helps them plan ahead. For example, let’s say that a business is auditing and they realize that their expenses are lower than the previous year. This means they’ll have more money to put towards other projects, such as advertisement or renovation of their office.

No matter how big or small, businesses need to perform audits on a regular basis. The reason being is that audits are used as verification of records and can be an effective way to ensure that everything is in check. For example, if you know that your expenses are much higher than usual, then this would mean that you have an opportunity to potentially save money by using that money towards other sections of the company. Auditing is a way for companies to verify their records and make sure everything is in check. It can be pretty overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but don’t worry-we’re here to help you understand!

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3 Types of Audit

There are three types of audits, each one serving its own purpose. These 3 types of audits are a great way to understand the financial standing of a company and can be extremely helpful for gaining a true understanding of its current situation. Keep in mind that you should always double-check any information from anywhere it is being obtained, just to make sure everything is accurate.It is important to understand each type of audit in order to get an idea of what is expected. The three types of audits are:


These audits are performed by an independent auditor and directly for the company’s board of directors. Generally, they provide an important piece to the whole picture in terms of what is going on with a business’s financial situation. This type of audit is typically performed annually.


These audits are similar to external audits, except that these audits are performed by someone who is working for the company and not specifically by an outside party. This type of audit can be performed yearly, biannually, or as needed.

Internal Revenue Service Audits

This type of audit is performed by the IRS to ensure that a business has been paying all the proper taxes. In order to be considered for this type of audit, you would need to file a tax return and report any necessary information regarding your profits or losses. It’s important to note that even though it’s called an IRS Audit, it typically does not involve any physical inspection or investigation.

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The Purpose Of An Audit

The goal of an audit is to provide an opinion on whether the financial information in the report, as a whole, accurately reflects the organization’s financial condition at a specific time, for example: Are assets and liabilities properly recorded in the balance sheet? Were the financial transactions recorded appropriately in the journal?

An audit can be performed by an internal auditor, a CPA firm, or a third party. However, it’s important to keep in mind that audits are typically performed directly for a business’ shareholders or board of directors. In other words, you have to get this information from somewhere!

Why Audits Are Important For Investors, Creditors, And Others

Auditing provides assurance that a company’s financial information is accurate. When you’re investing in a business, for example, an audit will provide investors with the opportunity to gain comfort that their investment information is correct. This is important because it helps them plan for the future by gaining insight regarding how they can better spend their money and what they can expect-it also makes it easier to trust a business in general. You should be in search of professional tax preparers that are dedicated to helping reduce the workload of handling your tax documents and easing the stressful process. From estate planning to income tax returns, its important to have all your documents in order.

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How To Prepare for An Audit

There are many ways to prepare your business for an upcoming audit. A thorough financial analysis can also help reveal areas where mistakes may have been made. You can do this by:

  1. Keep up with all business records and transactions
  2. Store these records carefully and try to keep them in an orderly manner
  3. Understand the inner workings of your business so you can easily find any necessary information
  4. Keep up with taxes so that your taxes are filed correctly, especially if you need to file a tax return for the IRS Audit
  5. Develop a timeline in order to stay organized
  6. Assess organizational changes, such as adding new employees or changing responsibilities, so you can easily account for any changes

Make sure to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. This will help you better prepare in the event that there is a disaster and your business cannot function accordingly. Audits are a great tool because they provide insight into financial records from someone outside of your business, such as a bookkeeper or accountant, which provides a key piece of the financial picture for those who need it most. Another thing you can do is hire experts to do the preparation for you. Companies such as Gilbert Tax Preparation services help businesses of all sizes prepare for an IRS audit.

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What Will Happen When You Fail a Compliance Audit?

With the importance of auditing to all types of businesses, it’s no surprise that failing an Audit is serious. When you fail an audit, the end result could be your business losing contracts or not being able to obtain new ones because of bad publicity. There are many other things that can happen when you fail an audit; some examples include:

  • The loss of your license to operate
  • Being unable to operate until the issues are resolved
  • Having your assets seized by creditors or other parties involved
  • Unlikely, but still possible: fines and jail time for those who have committed crimes and/or fraud

For this reason, it’s important that businesses stay updated on any changes in local laws and regulations so they can stay in compliance with all current rules and regulations. It’s also important to keep track of any changes made to forms or tax laws, so you can ensure your business is submitting the right information when it needs to be. An audit can take place at any time for a multitude of reasons, even during your retirement.

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The importance of audits cannot be understated. They help businesses and other organizations stay accountable, allowing them to operate in a transparent manner that is aboveboard and honest. An audit can be an arduous process, but the end result is well worth it for all involved parties. Audits allow business owners and investors alike to feel confident in their work, giving them peace of mind that is much needed when running a business. Gilbert Tax Preparation Service is committed to helping business owners and individuals ensure that they get the most across all areas of our services. Contact our tax professionals today!

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